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Technology for a just and sustainable future.

Interstitial Technology is a full-stack engineering firm that builds solutions for a better world.

We focus on projects related to environmental sustainability, human rights, and open source. We're experts in electrical engineering, software development, cloud security, and user experience.

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Automato Sensor

Internet of Things

The IoT promises to revolutionize everything from commerce to logistics. We want to see it advance environmental science, sustainable agriculture, and the availability of public data. We combine state-of-the-art technologies into custom solutions for a broad range of projects.

Web & App Development

Web and Mobile Development

From backend protocols to interface design, we develop and deploy applications that enable our clients to connect with users in new ways. We have extensive experience managing issues of security and scalability, and pride ourselves in keeping up to date with (and contributing to) the latest technologies and standards.

Solar In Mail Project

Clean Energy

Interstitial supports efforts in solar power generation and storage, emissions management, and energy analytics. We collaborate with product designers, infrastructure engineers, and government bodies to build toward a cleaner future.


Human Rights

We provide app development, database management, security audits and more for organizations fighting censorship, election fraud, and genocide around the world. We may be engineers at heart, but we understand that not all problems are tech problems - so we work closely with clients to address their needs from a logistics, communications, and usability perspective first and foremost.

Open Source logo

Open Source

At Interstitial, open source is the foundational belief that engineering works best when done collaboratively, out in the open. We publish software and hardware designs under FLOSS licensing to maximize the impact of our work. And we maintain and contribute to important projects and datasets in the open source community.