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Public Benefit Cooperative

Interstitial Technology is incorporated as a worker cooperative under C.R.S. Title 7 Article 56. Worker coops grew out of the labor movement as a way for workers to take control of the capital their work generates and depends on, and to democratize decision-making in the workplace. At Interstitial, each member is a worker-owner and equal shareholder in the firm, with equal voting rights and equal claim to capital. We participate in profit-sharing through patronage dividends, and in turn share resources such as legal aid, marketing, and web infrastructure. We adhere to the Rochdale Principles as adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA):

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Member Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training, and Information
  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

In addition to being a cooperative, we are also a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means that we have explicitly stated public benefit purposes beyond the maximization of profits. Our public benefit purposes are:

  1. Encouraging the creation and use of technology as a force for good based upon shared prosperity, mutual respect among stakeholders, and the preservation of the environment
  2. Developing and maintaining free (libre) and open source technology, and promoting open access to data and other information which stands to benefit society
  3. Educating the public and business community about the benefits and role of technology in providing important social and environmental benefits
  4. Creating opportunities for members and others to connect and collaborate, and to share and leverage resources and talent
  5. Cultivating a culture within the Cooperative that supports and promotes creative and mindful work, as well as the health, happiness, and fulfillment of each of its members
  6. Individually, collectively, and in collaboration with our clients, reducing our and their environmental impact and promoting efforts to protect and preserve the natural world
  7. Forging and maintaining relationships with other businesses and organizations to facilitate the advancement of any of our shared purposes, missions, or values

We're proud to be a part of the growing movements in worker cooperatives and public benefit corporations, and we're always looking for new members and partnerships to help strengthen our mission. If you represent an organization interested in partnering with us, please contact us. If you're a technology professional interested in joining as a member, please submit an application.