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Automato is an open source ag-tech project focusing on the automation of DIY gardens and small farms. The modular hardware system consists of sensors, switches, and controllers that can be configured to manage grow operations involving hydroponics, aquaculture, mycology, and more. The schematics, project files, and firmware are available for anyone to inspect or modify.

Sensor Board

The Automato Sensor Board consists of an ESP32, a LoRa packet radio, and an onboard temperature + humidity sensor. There are peripheral connections for external sensors, analog and digital I/O, and an optional LCD touchscreen for displaying status and accepting user input. It features a flexible power management circuit which allows it to be powered by lithion-polymer battery, USB 5V, or an external DC source up to 36V - thus it is compatible with a range of off-grid systems including solar and lead-acid.


Relay Board

The Automato Relay Board is an AC switchboard. It consists of 4 relays controlling power to 4 NEMA 5-15P connectors. Each output can be set to normally-on or normally-off via hardware switch. The relays are controlled by a serial data connection feeding into a shift register, which allows these boards to be daisy chained - thus one data connection can theoretically control as many outputs as you wish. As the relay board is designed to be controlled by the sensor board, it provides a DC output for powering the sensor.