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Footprint Project

Footprint Project


The Footprint Project is a non-profit mutual aid group that provides disaster relief in the form of temporary, on-site clean energy installations. With dozens of solar trailers in deployment, Footprint needed a consistent way of tracking system status, usage statistics, and geolocation. Interstitial has partnered with Footprint to develop a low-cost, universal energy monitor that will record telemetry data and upload it to a cloud server for real-time fleet management by the team.


The Vampire

The Vampire (Volts and AMPs In REaltime) is a versatile energy tracker for solar power systems. It integrates an ESP32 microcontroller with a SIM7000 NB-IoT modem to transmit solar telemetry data, even from remote areas with poor cellular coverage. The data is stored in the cloud and accessible via an online dashboard, or a custom API. Phantom-powered and compatible with 12 to 48 V systems, the Vampire is designed to be a robust, open-source and scalable solution for monitoring the status of solar deployments in a variety of circumstances.


The Vampire prototype is currently in active development and testing; check back soon for more info!