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Global Rights Compliance

Global Rights Compliance

User Experience Flowchart

When investigating violations of international humanitarian or criminal law, first responders in the field can refer to the "Basic Investigative Standards (BIS) for First Responders to International Crimes" to get practical answers for best practices. Adhering to the correct procedures for evidence collection, documentation, and processing can ensure that the data is used effectively in court.

As a shared resource between diverse stakeholders like the International Criminal Court, lawyers, non-professional investigators, NGO advocates, etc., the BIS can promote clarity and collaboration across different domains of expertise. Interstitial is working with Global Rights Compliance to improve the functionality and usability of the existing BIS app.

Research, design, and development goals include:

  • Improving the BIS editing process for ease-of-use, given the need to manage multiple BIS versions in multiple languages
  • Creating a user-friendly version of the BIS so that investigators can access their information securely, even offline
  • Porting the software to a more robust server architecture

Basic Investigative Standards