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About us

Interstitial formed organically as a collective of technology freelancers looking to combine our skills and work together on projects we believe in. We come from diverse backgrounds - embedded systems, web development, data science and more - but we share in this common goal: to make the world a better place through technology. We work on environmental science, sustainable agriculture, the green economy, and human rights. We are engineers, scientists, designers and architects onboard Spaceship Earth.

Our innovative contracting model allows for substantial flexibility in matching our workforce with the needs of our clients. From hourly consulting to long-term contracts and government grants, Interstitial delivers high-quality engineering solutions for a variety of project structures.

We believe that good ideas deserve to be shared, so we are committed to practicing open-source principles wherever possible. Our developers maintain and contribute to open software and hardware projects that are used around the globe. Check out our GitHub.

We operate democratically as an employee-owned worker cooperative. Our flat and fair structure encourages collaboration at every level, and ensures that everyone is invested in the quality of our work. It also makes Interstitial a great team to be a part of - if you’re a technology professional interested in working toward positive change, please reach out to us!

Emma Hendry

Emma is a product designer dedicated to improving people's lives through human-centered design. Her interests have led her to work on projects that involve issues such as food equity and community building. Her skills include UX research, product strategy, visual design, UI design, prototyping, and usability testing.

Dan Fourie

Dan is motivated by projects that are using technology to help transform our economies for a more sustainable future, with a commitment to justice along the way. He brings an engineering background in mechanical system prototyping and design, including structural, thermal fluids, and precision machine. He’s been fortunate to work with teams across aerospace (high altitude balloons for connectivity), high volume manufacturing (chromebooks), energy (biomass gasification), and carbon sequestration.

Evan (he/him) is a versatile engineer with experience ranging from real-time C++ signal processing to full-stack web development. He has years of experience developing industry standard professional and creative audio applications working on everything from performance critical DSP algorithm design, to multi-threaded reactive user interfaces. He is motivated by projects that bring equity, sustainability, and joy to human systems.

Beth (she/her) is a design researcher and epidemiologist with 15+ years of applied technology design, implementation and evaluation experience. Beth is especially excited about creating point-of-care technologies to support frontline healthcare providers (e.g Electronic Health Records). She adores re-imagining systems, working with interdisciplinary teams, and conducting user research, employing quantitative and implementation science research methods. She is currently a PhD candidate in Human Centered Design and Engineering and holds an MPH and MS.

Rebecca is a design-researcher with 8+ years of experience across private and public sectors. Her diversity of projects range from producing games for civic engagement, working on a biotech design team, to managing hackathons for maternal health. Her current graduate studies focus on human-centered design and engineering. Skills include: user research, qualitative methods, project management, and community development.

Josh likes to learn about the way things work and how they came to be. He's contributed to numerous projects around the globe - ranging from the eradication of Polio in Nigeria to a flying electric vehicle startup in silicon valley. He loves multidisciplinary projects, especially projects that are focused on sustainability and integrate permaculture/regenerative design into their scope. He dreams of a zero-waste manufacturing ecosystem and seeks to support local and global communities in their efforts to build one.

Photograph of pte

Paula (she/her) is a design technologist with years of experience delivering the range of design, including UX, research and strategy, and concept prototyping of hardware and software. Her primary motivations for work include building equity, creating accessible learning interfaces, and supporting communities of craft and making.

Alejandro Ruiz

Alejandro is an experienced web developer, having designed systems that handle sensitive data (like healthcare and fin-tech), big data (like e-commerce), and everything in between. He has experience working with web-connected hardware in industrial applications, and his background in physics has led him to experiment with data modeling and machine learning along the way.

Ben Burdette

Ben is a longtime software developer with experience on platforms ranging from IBM mainframes to Arduino, Windows, and Android, and in industries from finance to manufacturing. He is interested in the use of strongly typed languages and modern development paradigms to produce simple, reliable code. Ben is a leading contributor to the Nix Package Manager, and other open-source projects.

Chris Chronopoulos

Chris has a diverse background with experience in astrophysics, neuroscience, embedded systems, music technology, Linux audio, and high-performance computing. He is passionate about open access to information, including software, hardware, and scientific data.

Price Smith

Price is a software engineer that occasionally plays drums on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Rhapsody Aria

Rhapsody is a web, game, and general software developer based in the Pacific Northwest. She has a passion for programming and computers, and hopes to use her skills to help push the tech world towards more ethical, equitable, and sustainable solutions. She also currently works with kids to teach them how to program through game development.