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Project Portfolio



Automato is an open source ag-tech project focusing on the automation of DIY gardens and small farms. The modular hardware system consists of sensors, switches, and controllers that can be configured to manage grow operations involving hydroponics, aquaculture, mycology, and more. The schematics, project files, and firmware are available for anyone to inspect or modify.

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Global Rights Compliance

User Experience Flowchart

When investigating violations of international humanitarian or criminal law, first responders in the field can refer to the "Basic Investigative Standards (BIS) for First Responders to International Crimes" to get practical answers for best practices. Adhering to the correct procedures for evidence collection, documentation, and processing can ensure that the data is used effectively in court.

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Electric Air

ElectricAir Electric Air is a startup developing the next generation of air conditioning heat pumps. Heat pumps will be essential for transitioning our living spaces to radically more energy efficient heating and cooling solutions. Interstitial is assisting with early stage prototyping and systems design.

Footprint Project


The Footprint Project is a non-profit mutual aid group that provides disaster relief in the form of temporary, on-site clean energy installations. With dozens of solar trailers in deployment, Footprint needed a consistent way of tracking system status, usage statistics, and geolocation. Interstitial has partnered with Footprint to develop a low-cost, universal energy monitor that will record telemetry data and upload it to a cloud server for real-time fleet management by the team.

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LongShot LongShot is building kinetic launch - reducing the cost of space launch and providing cheap, fast hypersonic testing. Interstitial has partnered with LongShot to develop their microsecond-fast high-power electronics systems.

Magrathea Metals

Magrathea Magrathea Metals develops technology to radically reduce the environmental impacts of making structural metal. They isolate magnesium metal from seawater brines. Interstitial assists with design and fabrication of high temperature reactors.



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Quadrant is a human-computer interface based on an array of distance sensors. The device consists of 4 time-of-flight sensors and is specifically designed to detect the position, velocity, and orientation of the u...

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